FREDEN Export Philippines

What we do?

Founded in the 1970’s, Freden began as a backyard wood carving business for husband and wife, Dick and Eden Perez. Initially creating souvenir items such as carved ballpens, letter openers, and napkin holders for the Moriones Festival, in the province of Marinduque, the couple was introduced to the handicrafts industry after winning the Panday Pira Award in 1972. From there, the company Woodstock Art Crafts was established, and was eventually renamed to Freden Handicrafts in 1982. By the late 1980’s, the company expanded its items, and created a line of log baskets, and birdhouses, establishing business and export to the U.S., and eventually entering Europe, Australia, and Japan.

From Dick and Eden, Freden was passed on to their children, having been managed by their daughter, Pamela Perez-Gonzalez. Freden’s values remain the same, whith a vision that the brand can be viewed as a continuous livelihood program for out of school individuals, and stay at home moms. The people behind the brand have long been part of it, growing as the brand does. Being part of the Philippine handicraft industry since the 1970’s, Freden has been known for its creativity, in the use of different natural, or recycled materials. Nature and the environment are significant in the essence of the brand, with designs inspired by available materials, exploring new ways of bringing nature into the home.