GDI-Global Decor, Inc.

What we do?

GDI-Global Decor, Inc. is a domestic Philippine SME corporation and considered as an accredited pioneering industry. It was incorporated by a group of professionals who devoted their working lives in promoting and reviving the Philippines’ handicraft industry. Ever since its establishment, the company has been active in local and international trade shows and has gained recognition by overseas buyers and locals alike for its unique and pioneering designs.

Our main products are gifts, decors, household accessories, small furniture and furnishings, accent pieces, mostly seasonal. Most of our products are mixed-medium with combinations of tin/BI, capiz, wood, polyresin and indigenous material accents i.e. plant-based and often caught/pluck in the wild.

The company has succeeded in providing employment to the marginalized working community and incorporating indigenous materials with a view to an improved and better livelihood for local workforce.


Main Product Materials