Raw Potential

by Patti Sunio Article reposted with permission from FAME+ TOUCHPOINT
Lamps and lighting: (from left) hanging lamps by LIJA by That One Piece - a proud HAPI member, candelabra and votive holders by Tadeco Home, cocoon-shaped wall lamps by INDIGENOUS, (bottom right) staircase lamp by Triboa Bay Living, (bottom left) hanging lamp by Bamburi by Native Crafts and Arts


From the sea to lamps, furniture, and home and fashion accessories, shells have been used as finishes and inlays on many occasions. Capiz is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones, and it has been used on almost everything—from windows to earrings.

  1. Oyster shells produce a beautiful look and sound. Hanging Chimes (NCHS-907B), TGIA
  2. Capiz shells create the most beguiling translucent effect. Cherry Blossom Bouquet Pendant Lamp, VENZON LIGHTING
  3. Hundreds of hand-pounded capiz shells are fully laminated and shaped into a bell. Bell-Shape Capiz Lamp, GOLTRIO INC.
  4. Capiz shells majestically transform into a flower in this drop lamp. Alessa Drop Lamp, OMO FURNITURE
  5. GMOP shell and steel create an avant-garde shape of a vase. HD10467, BON ACE
  6. A great example of a modern take on shell inlay in fashion accessories. Mayari Choker, SUSANNE VERALLO
  7. Sea shells, brass, and resin combine to form a piece made for royalty. Melo Shell Dragon Tray, ARDEN CLASSIC INC.
  8. Two different tones of capiz create a pretty pattern, as seen on this charger plate. Kiwer Des Charger Plate, LBRPHILCRAFTS.

Source: https://fameplus.com/touchpoint/raw-potential