Starwood Mfg. Co., Inc.

What we do?

Starwood Mfg. Co. Inc. is a duly registered corporation with the Security and Exchange Commission since 1967, founded by Mr. Tan Pieng Chan with his wife, Rosa, manufactured and exported Acacia woodenwares for the global market. Anchored on integrity and hard work, the company was able achieve steady growth over time. Succeeded now by a younger steward, guided still with integrity and hard work, coupled with contemporary thinking and outlook, the company continues to grow and evolve.  Such has been the course that allowed our company to weather the times.

During simpler times a lone product line of only Acacia woodenware might have suffice, but seeking beyond complacency, the company strived to bring more to the market. Understanding the best the Philippines can offer, the company now is able to offer a broad variety of material such as, but not limited to fiber craft like Abaca and Bacbac, forest materials like vines, twigs barks and seeds, resin items, marine products such as shells, capiz and driftwoods. Renewable and recycled woods like driftwood, mango wood, acacia wood, Kamani wood, softwoods and woods from pallets and crates. Tins, wire and iron works, paper mache and related products. All these are applied in adapted trend of marketable gift, home décor and houseware product lines.


Main Product Materials