Sunwood Global Export Corp.

What we do?


Sunwood Global Export Corporation emerged as a newly managed export business brought about by its predecessor who has been engaging in this line of industry since 1996. From this position, we were early recognized as a reliable exporter and distributor of handmade local Philippine handicrafts, from wooden wares, shell items, as well as ornamental decorations. From then on, we have been aspiring to promote our country’s expertise in craftmanship and share them all over the world.

Industry Experience

Sunwood Global Export Corporation has been exporting handicrafts from all over Asia, Europe, Middle East, United States as well as South America for many years of expertise and reliability. Our distribution consists of containerized shipment of goods and also loose cargo for moderate quantities. Quality of products is also consistent brought about by the trust and support of all our foreign customers who are equally satisfied by our service and products.